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Product Presentation
Aglaja Shower System superior

Enjoy an unbeatable shower experience.

Just lean back and the Aglaja Shower System begins automatically with an exhilarating brush massage. Relaxation and pure Wellness under the shower.

Mounting instructions
Aglaja Shower System superior

Wheter separate mounting or replacing the existing shower rail, the Aglaja Shower System superior ist easy to install. No need to replace existing shower armatures (water tap). After a few steps, the shower experience can beginn.

Mounting instructions
Aglaja Shower System standard

The Aglaja shower brush can be fitted in a few simple steps in new or existing showers and bathrooms.

Installation without drilling

Glueing instead of Drilling: Very easy with the Aglaja fastening technology. This allows you to install the Aglaja Shower System even after a change in residence very easily and without the need for drilling.

Direct link to the sequence "Remove the Fastening technology without drilling"... 

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