Aglaja - a gentle persuasion

Aglaja, meaning "Brilliance", is the youngest of the three Greek goddesses of Charm and Beauty.

The Aglaja Shower System has a heavenly relaxing effect to our body. In the same relaxed atmosphere, we want to maintain contact with our customers and suppliers, always based on partnership.
Shower Systems swiss made

Swiss made

The Aglaja shower system is a Swiss invention. It was designed with the experience and the knowledge of specialists from various fields.

We guarantee: If it’s written Swiss, Swiss is inside!

Our products are manufactured in Switzerland using the highest quality materials. Our team as well as the employees of the component suppliers are working with passion on the production of the Aglaja shower system, from Toggenburg over Central Switzerland, from Solothurn to the Bernese Oberland.

Foundation Uetendorfberg

A considerable part of metal work and assembly work is carried out through the Foundation Uetendorfberg, who is offering domicile and workplaces to speech and hearing impaired persons and persons with multiple disabilities.
Shower System production

CNC processing, drilling, milling...
Shower System production

...screwing, skinning, soldering...
Shower System production

...assembly and mounting.
Varios tasks that are executed very precisely through the employee of Foundation Uetendorfberg.
Maxon motor for Aglaja Shower System

Highly efficient power from Mars directly into your Shower

The Aglaja Shower Systems are driven by Maxon motors, a worldwide well-known term for high precise drive systems with a long lifetime, high efficiency and compact design.

Maxon Motor is a Swiss company with head office in Sachseln, Obwalden. Maxon drives were used to drive several Mars rovers and proven to be extremely effective in withstanding the conditions there.

Current presentation of the Aglaja massage system on Maxon website…
Cleansing massage brush Swiss production

Brushes with finest finish from Toggenburg

What do you prefer? Soft strokes or refreshing peeling, getting tired skin revitalized again? For whichever brush you decide, the brushes produced through A+B Bürsten-Technik in Wattwil fulfil the highest demands to a healthy skin massage. Thanks to the rounded bristles, the skin will be treated very gently.
swiss made shower system

TopCoat Surface Finishing

TopCoat gives our products the final touch. Thanks to the professional coating of the specialist in Surface Technology based in Däniken, lime scales have nearly no chance. The high-class surface is very resistant and easy to maintain.

The innovative company is presented in the current issue 3-4/2022 of KUNSTSTOFFXTRA. Download the report...

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An invention from Steffisburg, Switzerland

Bruno Oberli invented and developed the Aglaja shower system.

The shower brush has been tested in several households regarding service, operation, quality and skin tolerance.

Furthermore, Electrosuisse examined the shower system with regard to electromagnetic tolerance and it of course complies with the relevant legal requirements.

If you have any questions regarding our products or require information,

please feel free to contact us at any time.

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