Shower brush

Your everyday shower experience

A massage is always a pleasure but who has the time for an everyday massage. With the Aglaja shower system you can have this pleasure and other benefits. Mounted in the bathroom, you can use the Aglaja shower system whenever you want, for example, right before or during the shower, just as you prefer.
  • healthy skin
  • relieves tension
  • everyday wellness experience 
brush massage for healthy skin

Healthy skin

A brush massage feels good and is healthy for your skin at the same time. Helping with blood circulation, it can help regulate blood pressure and bring your metabolism in check. The Aglaja shower brush is gentle on the skin due to the rounded bristles on the brush. Also with the use of a special cloth mounted over the brush, you can apply your favourite skin moisturizer.
relieves tensions in the back

Relieves tension

Warm water and the motion of the Aglaja shower system: this combination relieves tension in the back, shoulder and neck area. Leaving you relaxed and feeling energized.
massage peeling

Pure Wellness

Massage, Peeling and after shower application of moisturizer or cream. Aglaja makes you feel alive and recharged everyday. The Aglaja shower system will make you feel fresh and ready for whatever life can throw your way.

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