Shower systems for relaxing massages while showering

Enjoy the ultimate shower experience - everyday: The Aglaja Shower Systems offer a relaxing body care. Just lean back and the Aglaja shower system begins automatically with an exhilarating brush massage. 

Our Shower Systems

Reliable motor, long-living accumulator, brush with precise finishing: Exciting engineering in a modern design that invites to relax, and can be mounted in a few simple steps. 


Shower System standard

CHF 895.-

As the skin is a multifunctional talent, the brush massage has a variety of positive effects. With the Shower System standard, you can enjoy relaxed brush massages while showering: the rotating massage brush is automatically set into operation by leaning against it - very simple. Of course, the direction of rotation of the brush can also be conveniently adjusted. The height of the system can be infinitely adjusted by hand.
shower system

Shower System superior

CHF 2'195.-

The Shower System superior is the comfort version with remote control for automatic height adjustment and individually adjustable massage programmes. Another highlight is the horizontal and vertical adjustability of the brush. This allows you to enjoy a unique shower experience of the new generation: lean back and feel the massage brush of the shower system massaging your neck, shoulders or back.

Discover the Aglaja Shower System

Your benefits

A massage always feels good. It helps to relieve stress after work, to regenerate after a workout or simply to enjoy a timeout from the daily routine. Pamper yourself every day with the Aglaja massages while showering.
brush massage
Revitalizes skin
The brush massage stimulates blood circulation and improves the tone of your skin.
skin massage
Relieves tensions
The regular skin massage relieves tension from back, shoulders and neck.
Creaming the back
Apply cream on the back
Massage, peeling and after the shower you can apply easily your favourite moisturizer. Even on hard-to-reach areas of your back.
Driven by a battery
Best brushes
Easy to maintain

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