Human body washer

The unique Shower Systems

Choose out of two models: the Aglaja Shower System standard and the Aglaja Shower System superior. Both systems are easy-to-use and offer an incomparable shower experience. 

Although the two shower systems vary in use, the mounting and basic functions are identical. Therefore, the two systems are compatible amongst each other.
rotating body brush with electric motor

Shower system standard

CHF 895.-
  • complete System with drive unit
  • Brush
  • Accumulator
  • Charger
  • Skin-care cloth
  • Slide rail 160 cm aluminium anodized
  • Wall support and kit of screws
Shower systems for well-being

Shower system superior

CHF 2'195.-
  • complete System with drive unit
  • Remote control
  • Holder for remote control
  • Brush
  • Accumulator
  • Charger
  • Skin-care cloth
  • Slide rail 160 cm aluminium anodized
  • Wall support and kit of screws

Choose your favourite brush

skin brush
massage brush
massage brush
skin-care brush
skincare brush
natural brush

The Aglaja brushes are available in three strength:

  • extra-soft bristles
  • standard
  • strong bristles

The rounded bristles of the Aglaja skin care brushes treat and clean the skin extremely gently.

The basic kit contains a brush with soft bristles that treat your skin gently in daily skin care. As an accessory, brushes with stronger bristles are available, either with nylon or natural bristles. For sensitive skin, we recommend the brush with extra-soft bristles. You can of course choose among different colours.

Choose and change the brush

The brush is placed on the coupling and can be replaced by a simple movement.

Simple installation

The shower system can be fitted without a lot of effort in new or existing showers and bathrooms. Mounted close to the shower, it can be used comfortably whilst showering.

Tip: Mounting without drilling

Would you prefer to mount the Aglaja Shower System without drilling holes in the wall? Very easy with the fastening technology, that we have designed especially for the Aglaja Shower System.

Mounting versions

Do you want to fit the shower head directly above the brush? With the Aglaja showerhead holder, you can fit your shower head on the same sliding rail as the skin-care brush.
Showersystem with showerhead holder
Aglaja Showersystem
System without showerhead holder
Showersystem with Rainfall shower
Alternative mounting options  
Driven by a battery
Best brushes
Easy to maintain

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