Shower brush - back care

Shower system standard

back brush for showers

Simple operation, relaxing shower massage

The massage brush is operated automatically by pressing against the brush and turns off by reducing the pressure. The rotation of the brush can be started with the simple touch of a button as well. The sense of brush rotation can of course be adjusted easily.

The function adapts to your needs - from simple shower massage to well-dosed product care.

Well-tended skin all over the body gives a fresh feeling all day long

With the skin-care brush, you can get at areas of the body difficult-to-reach, such as the back, and can treat them without strain. Aglaja - the nice-looking auxiliary device!

You want a shoulder, arm or leg massage? The infinitely variable height adjustment of the system is carried out manually by sliding it up or down the bar. Therefore, the system is positioned very quickly to the desired height. Enjoy a wonderful shower massage, from neck to toe.


Motor: Maxon motor 12 Volt
Accu charging time: approx. 4 hours
Autonomy: 6 - 8 weeks if used daily
Measures: CAD drawing

Driven by a battery
Best brushes
Easy to maintain

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