Wellbeing shower

Your Wellness Enjoyment in your own home

Massage, Peeling, Relaxation. The Aglaja shower system can give you all of this.

Fresh and Energized

The Aglaja shower system improves disposition. The brush massage improves metabolism and leaves your skin tension free. The everyday massage will help you take on your day.
body moisturizing

Soothing Body Moisturizing

With the easy to install skin-care cloth one can use their favourite moisturizer (body lotion). The soft skin-care cloth is easily mounted over the Aglaja brush giving even the hardest to reach places like your back a gentle moisturizing. Medicated ointments and even sun screen are easily applied over sensitive skin.

Healthy Body and Healthy Mind

The benefits of using the Aglaja shower system are many. By simply feeling energized and relaxed a person's self-esteem is automatically improved. Using the Aglaja shower system brings your psychological well-being into a healthy balance. All of these benefits are the keys for having a positive outlook on life, therefore improving your life and those around you.

Further benefits of Aglaja

brush massage stimulates blood circulation
Revitalizes skin
The brush massage stimulates the blood circulation and improves the tone of your skin.
skin massages
Relieves tensions
The regular skin massage relieves tensions from back, shoulders and neck.

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