Back brush battery driven

High quality pays off

Reliable, durable and maintenance-friendly: A high quality has been and still is our main priority in the development and production processes of the Aglaja shower systems.

Over the years, this will prove a definite advantage for our customers as it pays off. Furthermore, it preserves the environment, as the valuable raw and synthetic materials contained in the product will be in use for many years.

Driven by a battery

The high-tech motor of the Aglaja shower brush is driven by an environmentally friendly 12 volt NiMH rechargeable battery pack. When loaded, the battery pack keeps the system activated for approx. 3 weeks at shower system superior and 6 weeks at shower system standard in a household with two persons, allowing daily use.

Charging the battery pack
The nickel-metal hydride battery pack of the Aglaja shower system is memory effect resistant. We therefore recommend not discharging the battery pack completely. Charge the battery pack from time to time with the provided charger.

Best brush for your skin

The brush is pushed over the coupling and can be changed by a simple hand movement.

The Aglaja brushes are available with nylon or natural bristles. These brushes stand out in terms of hygiene and ease of use.


The feeling of water on the skin is cleansing, warming and refreshing. Water is the most precious source of human needs and those of animals and plants.

With the Aglaja shower system, you can clean your skin with pleasure without the over-use of water consumption.

Easy to maintain

The Aglaja shower system is maintenance-friendly. There are no storage problems as there are with manual massage units. The special TopCoat formulation for surface finish gives lime deposits hardly a chance anymore.

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