brush massage

Relax and Enjoyment under the Shower

Brush massage at its best: Warm water and the motion of the Aglaja shower system is a combination that will relax your back, shoulders and neck area leaving you feeling confident and stress free.

Lessen Tension through Massage

Massage helps to loosen tight muscles and tension in your body. Helps to reduce chronic pain such as headaches, pain in the shoulders, back and neck area.

Regular massaging keeps your muscles relaxed!

Gratifying Body Cleansing

Finding time to spoil yourself these days is a luxury for most people. The Aglaja shower system can give you the enjoyment of a personal wellness experience everyday.

Weitere Vorteile von Aglaja

Revitalizes skin
The brush massage stimulates the blood circulation and improves the tone of your skin.
Pure Wellness
Massage, peeling and after the shower you can apply easily your favourite body lotion. Relax and enjoy yourself.

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