Shower massage with back brush

Healthy skin with a soft brush massage

The Aglaja shower brush makes a regular skin cleansing easy. When one desires a soft or a deeper tissue massage, the Aglaja system can give you this by simply leaning with more or less pressure against the brush.

Peeling for a beautiful Complexion

Dead and dry skin cells can leave your skin looking dull. Dermatologists recommend removing dead skin cells regularly. The rounded bristles of the Aglaja shower brush remove dead skin cells gently leaving your skin with a healthy complexion.
reduces cellulite

Helps to reduce Cellulite

Through regular use of the Aglaja shower system, cellulite can be clearly reduced. Cellulite is caused by weak connective tissue. With regular massaging, the connective tissue is strengthened by improving blood circulation in the skin.

Combat Acne and Pimples

Acne and pimples on the skin can be a stressful burden for anyone. Not only the young but also adults can have this skin problem. The Aglaja shower brush quickly and gently cleans problem skin. The rotating brush massage effectively cleans the skin's pores. Using the Aglaja system everyday will help keep pores open and clean, reducing acne.


The Haut­ and Schmerz­-Zentrum Herisau gave the Aglaja brush system an extremely positive review in respect to improving skin health.

Further benefits of Aglaja

Relieves tensions
The regular skin massage relieves tensions from back, shoulders and neck.
Pure Wellness
Massage, peeling and after the shower you can apply easily your favourite body lotion. Relax and enjoy yourself.

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